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Ron Ross Presents His New Book ‘Rules: Shaping Behavior And Knowledge’

Ron Ross presents his new book ‘Rules: Shaping Behavior and Knowledge’

At our next on-site event Ron Ross will present his new book ‘Rules: Shaping Behavior and Knowledge’. A unique opportunity for Dutch professionals to discover more about business rules and be inspired by Ron Ross’s insights acquired over a lifetime!

This book is about rules for groups and communities of people (including their data). The goal? Shaping behavior and communicating business knowledge, not simply mimicking human intelligence. It’s exactly what you need for governance, traceability, and the human touch so often missing in digital solutions. Here’s your guide to real-world rules in business and government.

About Ron Ross:

With over four decades experience in policy interpretation, rules, and data, the author brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the topic of business rules, the idea he is best known for.
“For the longest time I’ve been encouraged by family and colleagues to write down everything I’ve learned about rules over a lifetime of hands-on consulting, research, and standards work. This book accurately distills much of what I’ve learned about rules in easy-to-understand form. No matter your professional orientation, you can benefit from it. We literally all have rules in common!” – Ron Ross

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